Brothers in song...

The group’s repertoire includes a variety of sacred and secular songs and features sea chanteys, spirituals, motets and selections from popular artists such as James Taylor, Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel. Some arrangements are by members of The Ten, while others are by groups such as England’s King’s Singers. While a cappella four-part harmony is prevalent, it is not unusual for the group to sing in six or eight parts, with an occasional piece accompanied on piano or guitar.

The group is co-directed musically by three members who also happen to arrange much of our music: John Dorer, John Burke and Townsend Belisle.

Our first formal recording, Don’t Bother Counting, was released in 2004 and is available for sale at any of our concerts or by making an inquiry to At 20 tracks, the CDs are sold for a bargain $15.